The school strives to create a dynamic learning environment where each student is given the necessary time, tools, and guidance to learn at his or her own pace. Throughout the school year, more challenging work is presented according to the readiness of each student individually.

Montessori classrooms are multi-age, allowing opportunities for peer teaching (and learning), mentoring and role modeling. Our youngest students are exposed to older students’ lessons, while simultaneously working at their own comfort levels. Older students enjoy the opportunity to master their lessons by sharing them with and guiding younger students. The children also establish an enduring relationship with their teacher since they are together for several years.

During our three year program, students are introduced to concepts during the first year, practice during the second year, and master the material as leaders in the third year. Enroll at age 3 and stay through kindergarten to gain the most from our outstanding program.


We promote a sense of a farm community and incorporate agricultural and nature lessons whenever possible. Our high expectations and work ethic are reminiscent of farm life and encourage children to excel in all curriculum areas.

  • Gleaning

    Our children participate in gleaning opportunities at local farms and have harvested over one thousand pounds of produce to help feed those in need.

  • Gardening

    The students plant gardens in the fall and spring and enjoy sampling herbs from our herb garden.

  • Animal Care

    We house animals from the different animal classifications of mammals, reptiles, birds and amphibians. Daily care and handling of the animals are the responsibility of the students with guidance from the staff. The families in our community have the option of “adopting” an animal for the year and caring for them during school breaks.

  • Hen Hutch

    Our hens are cared for by the children. They are thrilled each time they find eggs in the roost.

  • Composting

    We compost food and animal litter.

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