Montessori classrooms are child-focused learning environments, unlike traditional education settings. This is due to Dr. Maria Montessori’s educational philosophy, which centers around her understanding of the value of emphasizing independence, providing freedom within limits, and fostering a child’s cognitive, social, and physical development. The Montessori Farm School follows the method established by Dr. Maria Montessori because we believe the basic foundation she developed over one hundred years ago still offers children the best way to learn. Montessori discovered that children can use manipulative teaching materials to independently explore lessons presented to them. By allowing children to choose their work, they take responsibility for their own education.


Dr. Maria Montessori opened the first Children’s House in an oppressed area of Rome, Italy in 1907. Through her studies, Maria developed a method of working with and teaching children that focused more on the child and the child’s needs rather than the teacher. She prepared a childsized environment complete with all of the tools necessary for the children to care for themselves and their surroundings. She developed materials and lessons based on the interest of the children that were handson and enticing to the children. Maria not only taught traditional academics, but also basic practical life skills and social graces which prepared the children to interact successfully with the world around them.


As her success stories spread, Dr. Montessori was asked to open schools in less needy areas where children thrived and excelled through her hands-on approach. Even after one hundred years, Montessori schools are still being opened throughout the world. Her approach to teaching has been recognized as exceptional, not experimental. Public and charter schools throughout the United States continue to adopt her methods. Children throughout cultural and economic variances are learning the basics along with world citizenship skills, practical life exercises and social graces all the way through high school levels. Dr. Maria Montessori began her approach to teaching as a way to help unreachable children but clearly all children can benefit greatly from her approach to learning. Through cultural studies and peace education Dr. Montessori believed children to be the answer to world peace. This is a common theme that runs through all Montessori schools around the world regardless of the language spoken.