Our curriculum is an authentic Montessori curriculum which is a hands-on, individualized approach that respects the student’s learning style and interests. Students receive lessons in the areas of language, math, science, geography, art, sensorial and practical life.

The majority of the morning consists of uninterrupted individual work time in which children practice and master concepts and activities. This work time allows for small group lessons, individual lessons, peer collaboration, and in-depth exploration. Allowing each student to work at their best pace keeps interest high, develops concentration, and builds self-esteem.

Spirit of the Child

We support the development of each child’s unique spirit which guides their personality, learning styles and how they approach the world.

Peace/Earth Connection

We work to develop the students’ compassion and understanding of the connection between themselves and others by deepening their knowledge of the interdependency of the earth and all that live on it.


Students are introduced to the world map, then each continent’s countries, cultures and land forms.


Children study zoology, botany and physical sciences.


Children begin with the basics of tool use and care and are then able to create many projects in various mediums.


Weekly music classes encourage a joyful exploration of sound, rhythm, and movement.

Practical Life

Purposeful lessons in daily living refine children’s motor and sequencing skills which prepares their minds and hands for more challenging work in math and language.


Essential patterning skills come from classifying and exploring relationships and sequences in materials using the five senses.


Beginning with initial sounds, students move to spelling and writing lessons which then leads to reading.


Montessori math materials provide concrete experiences in linear counting, working in the decimal system and performing arithmetic calculations.

Motor Development

Coordination, balance and spatial awareness provide clues to early identification of learning styles and differences.

Learning Habits

The ability to concentrate, problem solve and complete an activity are developed in early childhood and stay with the individual throughout their entire life.